Being Valued was founded in January 2000 by Elaine Biskupic Bunnell, a professional team-builder specializing in hand-on, experiential learning. Our mission is to make it easy for people to learn and grow while solving complex issues. We have served as trusted advisors and consultants to Fortune 100 corporate executives, Hall-of-Fame professional athletes, and thousands of employees in a range of global industries. We measurably improve performance, change behavior, create compelling visions and achieve results.

The Being Valued team is masterful at teaching through experience, discovering a person or team’s talents and abilities, and then skillfully facilitating the next steps to success. We transform struggling, change-resistant individuals and teams into high-performers by delivering the right skill at the right time to the right person.


We have built a reputation as a thought leader and expert in developing high-impact experiential learning programs, professional development for key leaders, and training for hundreds of managers, trainers and facilitators. We are frequently featured on radio, television and print media. We are highly skilled industry leaders focused on exceeding goals for our clients.

We are also experts in Experiential Learning. We design workshops, activities, and projects that teach people to recognize the value in oneself and contribute that value within their team and community. We provide people with unique, custom-designed experiential events that train and develop specific skills and produce specific results.

We also work with individuals, families, and communities. We provide experiential learning to promote learning by doing. Our trainings are fun and memorable!

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