When you are trying to figure out how to prevent cavities you probably get sick of the confusing advice. Everyone has their own recommendations and often times it’s because they have never experienced one. It doesn’t mean they take better care of their teeth than you do, it simply means they don’t have any. It’s important not to get discouraged; you still want to maintain a healthy oral hygienic routine because it’s preventing other problems from occurring like gum disease, darkening of the teeth and more. But there are some simple and effective ways to prevent cavities you can start doing as part of your daily routine.

5 Tips To Prevent Cavities

A healthy oral hygiene routine is important and if you have a problem with cavities there are a few things you can do to try and prevent them. It’s best to develop a strategy with your dentist because they will be able to take your oral health situation into account. Here are some things you can try to do:

  • Mouthwash: An underutilized but very valuable tool in the battle to keep your mouth healthy is mouthwash. However, make sure it has fluoride to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Right from the tap: Believe it or not tap water can really help throughout the day. Fluoride is used to keep tap water clean and drinking from the tap is a great way to increase your daily intake.
  • Regular checkups: Your dentist is a friendly person, try seeing them as often as possible. Ok, not all the time but no less than twice a year for routine cleanings and an X-ray once a year.
  • Treatments: You have plenty of options available from the dentist including fluoride treatments as well as antibacterial ones. Tooth decay is something you have to be aware of and regular treatments can prevent that from happening.
  • What are you eating: A healthy combination of fruits and vegetables are actually recommended over cookies and potato chips, not just for your overall health, but for your oral health as well. The healthier you eat the odds are the healthier your mouth is as well.

Obviously your main strategy to prevent cavities needs to come from your dentist. Do not develop a plan without consulting them first. However, it never hurts to run a few ideas by them to see what they think. Perhaps you need to do more than others. Realistically, eating less sugary drinks and foods as well as drinking more water are not bad recommendations.

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