Taking care of your teeth is not as simple as you would think. When should you floss, brush, use mouthwash, use toothpicks and so forth. These are all good questions and the answers might not be as obvious as you would think. It’s always a good idea to talk to your dentist to get their opinion on the matter, especially if you have a different situation. For example, if you just had oral implants or you are being treated for sleep apnea you may want to develop a different dental hygiene plan based on the recommendation of your dentist.

When Should You Floss?

The debate of when you should start flossing your teeth has been around for a while. Obviously the younger you are the better as it’s a good habit to develop. However, you want to make sure that you don’t overdo it so only once a day is fine. In some cases if your dentist recommends it you can do more than once, especially directly after meals.

As far as what time of day should you floss? The best time most recommended is usually before bed, when you are done eating for the day. The reason is because you want to get rid of all excess food that is stuck between your teeth. Doing it before bed is the best way to eliminate that excess food and keep your mouth clean as you sleep. You will also notice that people who brush and floss before bed tend to have less unpleasant morning breath.

Finally another debate about flossing your teeth is whether you should do it before or after you brush? Either way is effective and you should always end it with rinsing with mouthwash. However, the preferred method is to floss first, brush second and then rinse. The reason is because as you are flossing you are loosening the food that is really stuck in between your teeth. Then when you brush you are moving that loose food around into the tooth paste. Finally, rinsing will leave your mouth completely clean.

When it comes to when should you floss the best time is before you brush right before bed. That’s the best way to ensure getting all excess food. However, using toothpicks after your meals is also a good idea as it gets rid of extra food throughout the day. Be sure that when you are flossing your teeth you are thorough but do not apply too much force. Your gums need to be taken care of buy not abused.

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