Every visit for a cleaning should include these questions to ask your dentist.

It doesn’t matter what reason you go in, you should always take the time to ask your dentist a few questions while you are there. When we go to get anything done regarding our teeth our main objective is to get in and get out. However, when you do that you are literally wasting an opportunity to get some very important answers to questions you would rather not leave to online resources to answer. It’s also a good idea to write down any questions you have so that you do not forget and bring a pen with you so that you can write the answers down as well.

Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Even if your routine cleaning and checkup go well there are still several things you should ask in order to make sure you are maintaining or even improving your oral health as well as maintaining good habits. Here are some things you should always write down so you don’t forget and then ask before you leave the office:

  • New Products: There are new products being introduced every day. It could be something as simple as a new mouthwash or a new product for dental implants. Before you go out and buy something make sure you talk with them to make sure they sign off on the product.
  • Recommended Products: We all have our preference of mouthwash, type of toothbrush and toothpaste. However, it may not be the one we should be using so be sure to double check and see which ones are the best. Fluoride is your best friend in the dental industry so make sure anything you are using has a fair amount.
  • Flossing: Everyone knows they need to floss but it’s the one tedious thing we often skip so we can get right to bed. However, even if you do make it a consistent habit you want to make sure you are using a good technique so have a pro show you the best way to floss regularly.
  • Too Much: Taking regular care of your teeth is important but there is such a thing as too much. Are you brushing too hard or too often? Are you flossing too aggressively? These are all things you want to know so be sure to check.

Never feel too rush or embarrassed to ask your dentist a question. They are there to help you improve your oral health whether it’s in their office or when you are at home. Anything that can be done to prevent problems and improve your situation should be discussed at length so that you keep your mouth in the best condition possible.

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