Our Primary Focus is Providing Innovative and Reliable Dental Care for Our Patients.

The most important thing about pediatric dentistry is to make sure that the children are happy with coming to the dentist. Dr. Julia Dison has worked with children for years and she understands that this can be a nervous experience for children. Furthermore, getting them to take care of their teeth every day presents an even bigger challenge for parents. That’s why we have incorporated these techniques to encourage children to take better care of their mouths:

  • The dentist is not a punishment: Unfortunately, many children still think of a trip to the dentist as somewhat of a punishment. Many adults still do as well for that matter. We make a trip to the dentist’s office fun, enjoyable and something you look forward to. That’s why our patients have not only been with us for years but they also bring their families with them.
  • Reward good work: If your children are doing a great job at brushing their teeth, we make sure they feel proud of this accomplishment. The best way to get a child to do something is to make sure they see a reward for those efforts.
  • Teach a habit early: It’s not easy, but if you can teach a child to properly brush their teeth every day and even use mouthwash and floss, you are developing healthy habits that they will keep their entire lives. We will not only teach and encourage them to do so, but we will also give you tools and tips as well to help maintain their motivation between visits.

Pediatric dentistry in Miami is something Dr. Julia Dison and our staff takes very seriously. Children already have a hesitation when it comes to visiting the dentist and we want to make the experience as easy and enjoyable for them as possible. With years of experience working with children, you will feel full confident knowing that you putting your kids oral health in very capable hands. Over the years our patients have appreciated these facts about us:

  • Family friendly: If someone likes our services then they will not only return but they will also bring their entire family to us. That’s why we always put our best foot forward and give you elite quality service. We not only want to be your dentist but your families dentist for years.
  • Safe and proven techniques: There is no shortcuts when it comes to the oral health of any of our patients and the same goes for your children. When you bring your children to us you are trusting us with a major responsibility and we take that very seriously. That’s why we go over every plan of action and go the extra mile to ensure that your children as well as you are happy.
  • Clean and teach: As a parent, keeping your kids teeth healthy and clean is an ongoing challenge. We understand this which is why we take the time to teach your children healthy hygiene habits including brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and more to make sure that they are not only doing properly, but have the encouragement and motivation to keep it up.


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