The Terrible Two’s

Ugh! So it looks like The Terrible Two’s are here! Man and is it HARD!

Emma has always been a super sweet girl, she has been calm and an all around happy child. Polite, respectful and fun, but oh my gosh the tantrums have begun!

Now, I’m not saying that Emma isn’t sweet or happy anymore, that’s not it at all! When she is in a good mood she’s herself, but lately when she doesn’t get her way she LOSES IT!

I’m not saying little cries, or talking back, she completely loses her mind and just throws a fit sometimes!!! Don’t you dare say no to her, she will “argue” with you and while sometimes it’s cute and funny to watch, it’s mostly frustrating!

I’m sure a lot of you can relate with toddler tantrums, but I’m having a really hard time trying to work with her.

I’m human, so I will admit that I often lose my cool after trying to talk her down. She is screaming and crying, and fighting me and I end up frustrated and yelling back. Ugh! It’s SO HARD!

Yesterday when I picked her up from my parents’ house after work she did not want to get in the car. She cried, and yelled at me, and refused to sit still so I could clip her in. That was a tough one because in order to get her home, I obviously NEED to have her safely strapped in her car seat. Have you ever tried to clip a screaming toddler in their car seat while not only are they losing their sh*t, but they are throwing themselves off the car seat, pushing your hands off, taking their arms out of the straps… Ahhhh!!!

I ended up being able to strap her in, she complained all the way home (8 minute drive LOL) and on the way home I told her that she was going to go to time out.

She went to time out, still extremely upset. As smart as she is, I honestly don’t think she understands time out yet. I kept asking her if she was going to be nice and she kept saying no. She was upset and whining, she just wanted to get out of time out.

I needed a time out too! I needed the time to cool off, let her cry it out and just walk away for a few minutes.

After time out was done, I calmly explained to her that she can’t scream at Mommy, and that she needs to be safe in the car and let me strap her in her car seat. Again, I don’t think she understood much of what I was saying, but she was glad to be out of time out.

I sat on the couch with her and she climbed on top of me and just laid on me sniffling. I told her I loved her very much, and that she needs to be a good listener and nice to Mommy.

After a few minutes she got up as if nothing happened and went to play with Owen. LOL!

I know that there will be plenty more tantrums, so I wanted to know..
How do YOU deal with tantrums?
What to do you to calm your kid(s) down?
What seems to work best?
What did NOT work for you?!

Please help me out and give me suggestions below!!!



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