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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction Impacts Millions

It’s most noticeable when women experience problems with orgasm, pain and even sexual response or desire. It’s something that can be experienced at any age can be caused by several difference factors. Physical conditions such as bladder problems, heart disease, reaction to certain medications, ailments or illnesses and other factors can be a cause. Lower levels of estrogen or a decrease in blood flow to the area can also be to blame. Another possibility can be the thinning and loss of elasticity in the vaginal lining. Finally, psychological hindrances could be to blame as stress and anxiety can take their toll.

NewWave Is For Women Too

Your doctor will help in either diagnosing or ruling out the possible causes for this. However, when it comes to treating female sexual dysfunction there really is only one option. Surgery is painful and not always effective. Medications are also questionable as far as effectiveness, as well as the fact that you are dumping chemicals into your body. The answer is the NewWave treatment option that is safe, non-invasive and gets results, fast!

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