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Is it Right For Me?

Do You Know If NewWave Is Right For You?

Many of our patients have tried other methods of treatment with mixed results. If you are experiencing the following issues and cannot find a solution, then it’s time to give us a call:

  • Have you recently had an episode of impotence or erectile dysfunctions?

  • Have you had a sexual encounter end in disappointment because of premature ejaculation?

  • Are your erections either slightly or even dramatically “less” than they once were?

  • Are you going into sexual encounters with less confidence because of these issues?

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NewWave Will Help You Get It Back!

Many of our clients are experiencing some or all of these symptoms. The truth is, if you have experienced even one of the above scenarios, you are most likely a good candidate for our innovative protocol. There are countless causes of erectile dysfunction. From vascular diseases, neurological disorders, psychological issues, and prescribed medications, your libido is under constant duress. There are just as many “cures.”

If the idea of an invasive surgery to correct the issue strikes you as too harsh, then NewWave Therapy offers an alternative. Is acupuncture, another recommended remedy, a psychological turn-off? NewWave Therapy is an innovative method for addressing the issues of the male libido. The protocol involves acoustical waves that help regenerate blood vessels and restore your ability to gain and maintain an erection. If you have tried pills and supplements you have probably struggled with finding reliable results. That’s when it’s time to call NewWave Therapy and come in for a consultation.

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Do you want to get it back now without surgery, without medication, and perhaps most importantly, without downtime?