Rockdale Management Group (RMG) is a real estate asset manager based in Florida specializing in commercial and residential properties. Our role includes conducting market research, property selection, finding the most appealing sources of financing, data analysis and revenue forecasting. We structure transactions to access our favorable financing alternatives, bringing together our co-investors with bank debt providers while limiting risk exposure.

We partner with first rate property managers, as well as legal and accounting professionals to design a tax efficient legal structure. As a protocol, we use leases and rental agreements in a way that attracts tenants, provides flexibility, and reduces vacancies.

We use an entrepreneurial approach to help us achieve our goal of maximizing property values and returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk, among other things.

  • Opportunistic property selection
  • Model a full lifecycle financial analysis.
  • Provide assistance during all aspects of acquisition and disposition to maximize total return.
  • Negotiate debt financing and any applicable third party contracts.
  • Form legal, tax and accounting structure through interaction with legal counsel and tax professionals.
  • Work closely with property managers and leasing agents.
  • Manage cash flow and distribute dividends.
  • Management reporting to investors.