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What is the Banking Financial Institution Litigation ?

Our main focus is that of holding big corporations and major manufacturers accountable for the harm they cause and the damages suffered by the general public through their acts of negligence, misconduct and misconception.

Bank of America accused of loan-sharking with steep overdraft charges

Plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit alleged that Bank of America (BofA) processed its debit card transactions in the order of highest to lowest dollar amount in order to maximize profit collection from overdraft fees. An overdraft occurs when the customer does not have enough money in their account to cover a debit card transaction. Overdraft class action lawsuits have been filed against more than 30 other banks. The court approved a $410 million class action settlement with Bank of America regarding the improper overdraft fees.

According to BofA’s attorneys, 13.2 million Bank of America customers who had debit cards between January 2001 and May 2011 would receive compensation from this class action settlement. Those who still have accounts would have the money automatically credited, while others would receive a check by mail. None of the customers had to take any action or fill out any paperwork. Checks from the Bank of America overdraft settlement were mailed in November 2012.

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