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DaVinci Robots

What are DaVinci Robots ?

Manufactured by Intuitive Surgery, Inc., a surgeon operates the DaVinci Robot from a distance, controlling and manipulating the robot’s arms through a computer. This is believed to allow for a more precise series of movements not capable by human hand. When performed properly, the DaVinci Robot minimizes invasive methods.

What are the Risks of DaVinci Robots ?

The downside is without human contact, a surgeon cannot necessarily assess how much force is being applied when grabbing tissue. They cannot monitor the cutting, or how stitching is holding. These are all dangerous to the patient.

Unfortunately, certification for operating this device requires little training. Even in the hands of an experienced surgeon, without proper training and understanding of the machine, serious harm and fatal injuries can and have occurred. Patients and families are discovering that inadequate training, faulty devices and lack of experience are resulting in long term complications and fatalities. There have been fistulas between organs, injuries that result in significant bleeding and damage to organs, tissues and vessels.

Among the common injurious claims involving the da Vinci are tears of the intestines, burns, punctured ureters or blood vessels, vaginal cuff dehiscence, excessive bleeding, serious injury to the bowel tract and even death. While inadequate training is considered a major factor, there has also been cause to believe there are defects in the machine itself. There are also reports of the robot not responding to commands.

The machine has caused dangerous complications that weren’t noticed by the surgical staff. There has been at least one situation where a part of the da Vinci broke off during a procedure. One patient required additional surgeries to repair damage to her ureters. Another incident had a surgeon who had only used the da Vinci a few times accidentally cut his patient’s blood vessels, resulting in the patient’s demise. In another claim it has been alleged the device sent an electrical current through a patient, burning her arteries and intestines. She died two weeks later.

While use of the machine has been reviewed as safe, there are still far too many incidences where this was not the fact. Intuitive Surgical has made hundreds of millions of dollars from these robotic devices. Hospitals have been pressured to use them to stay competitive. Yet no guidelines have been established for maintenance and training.

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