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Melissa & Doug

When we got engaged, I promised Melissa that I would handle the honeymoon.  About 90 days before the wedding, I was downsized and hadn't saved all of the money for our Hawaiian honeymoon.  Thankfully, my best man told me about

Hillary & Bobby

My favorite aunt took me to a bridal show when I was 12.   I got to meet some of the models after the bridal show, and promised myself that I would be as beautiful as they were on my wedding day. Well, I found the man of my dreams, but neither one of us really had the money to make our wedding "magical"!  Luckily, one day I was Facebooking and clicked on I was skeptical at first, but I shared the link with my wedding party and the money started rolling in!   I was able buy a couture gown from an international designer and hire a GLAM squad. Thanks for helping make my dreams come true!

Samantha & Richard

Rick and I actually met in nursery school.   Our parents went to school together and we've been friends forever. Since we both grew up in the same city everybody in Charlotte knows us and were excited to complete the short survey and help us raise the money for our wedding. The wedding was amazing and we didn't have to start our marriage in debt! Thanks!