Frequently Asked Questions

How Does work ?

We’ve partnered with major national brands to help you have the wedding of your dreams. Here’s How it works!

How Do I Join ?

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How Do I Receive My Money ?

You choose how you will receive your money. Via direct deposit or check mailed to your account address.

How Long Does It Take To Receive the Money ?

Thirty days prior to your wedding date,  50% of your earned cash will be direct deposited or mailed per your instructions. This gives you time to put it to good use!

The balance earned through your wedding day will be paid on the first business day following your wedding date. So relax and enjoy the honeymoon!

How Can I Contact ?

Please click here —-> Contact Us.

How Does use my personal information ?

Free Cash For My wedding has a strict privacy policy and only provides information to brand partners through your direct request and authorization. No other information transfer is allowed.

What is our tax responsibility ?

Please seek tax advice from a qualified professional.

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